1.5" Burgundy Paisley Swarovski Crystal Private Prong Collar

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$70.00 - $134.00

Product Overview

Tones of burgundy, gold, ivory and deep teal on this 1.3" jacquard ribbon in paisley design look quite elegant on every dog.  The gold Swarovski crystals scattered throughout make it exquisite!

Our Private Prong Collars are designed with elastic bands to hold links from a prong or pinch collar.  The ribbon-covered webbing conceals the training collar and the martingale style adjustable loop allows for a precise fit.  Choose size that most closely corresponds to the measurement at the top of the dog's neck, behind the ears.  When properly fitted, there should be a gap of 1-2" between the two metal hardware pieces at the back of the neck.  Available with or without plastic quick release buckle to aid in putting the collar on the dog.  All collars come with genuine Herm Sprenger 2.3mm prongs installed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review