Barking Buddha White Knuckle Bone

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Product Overview

The White Knuckle Bones are a great combination of a flavorful beef bone that can be fed as is or filled with delicious peanut butter (or the stuffing of your choice). Their large size makes them ideal for large dogs. The White Knuckle Bones come from young cattle making them more nutritious and less likely to splinter. They are cleaned then bathe in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide to preserve their natural color. We finish them with a slow-roasting process trapping their natural juices,  we do not smoke them or add smoky juice. All of our bones come from cattle are grass fed, free range, and they are treated humanely.

This product is sourced in Colombia and proudly packed in the USA. White Marrow Bones are intended as a treat, not a food.
Average size of each bone is 7"x7"

Single Ingredients: Beef bone
Individually wrapped

NOTE: Pets should be supervised when chewing treats. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review